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Issue Checklist for Jira Pro: Now FREE for Small Teams

Great news for small teams – Issue Checklist for Jira Pro, is now completely free for the 0-10 user tier.
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Jul 1, 2024

📣 Great news for small teams  – Issue Checklist for Jira Pro is now completely free for the 0-10 user tier.  That’s right, you can now enjoy using the Pro version of Jira’s most popular checklist app, absolutely free.

Why Use Checklists in Jira?

Organize Work

Even small teams need to be hyper-organized. In fact, you could argue that small teams are the ones who need it most.  When every member of your team wears multiple hats, and when a tiny team has to take on a titanic tasks, you need clear communication about what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Richly formatted checklists – with item descriptions, user mentions, and due dates – are a lightweight alternative to subtasks that allow you to breakdown the work that needs to be done on a Jira issue.  Visibility is increased, and progress is easily tracked.  

Up Your Agile

Checklists are great fit for agile development. Use them for Definition of Done, Acceptance Criteria, cross browser testing….

Standardize Processes

You can also create reusable checklist templates which can be applied as a default to issues of a given type. This is a great way to create standard operating procedures, to ensure consistency, and comply with all requirements.

Why Upgrade from Free to Pro?

Of course, if you’ve been using Issue Checklist for Jira Free, you already know how useful checklists are.  upgrading to Pro will allow you to continue enjoying all the features you love, along with:

✅ Unlimited checklists

✅ Unlimited checklist templates

Email integration for user mentions on checklist items

Custom permissions for who can view and work on checklists and checklist templates

✅ The ability to show checklist progress and/or a read-only copy of your checklists on the JSM portal

And best of all, it’s still 🆓

How Can I Get Issue Checklist for Jira Pro for Free?

  • If you’re new to Issue Checklist for Jira, you can install Checklist Pro from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • If you’re currently using Issue Checklist for Jira Free, follow the instructions for upgrading to Pro. All your checklist data will be preserved.
  • If you’re already an Issue Checklist for Jira Pro customer and have 10 or fewer users, you don’t have to do anything. We will arrange with Atlassian to have your price go to $0. (Note that it may take one to two billing cycles to take effect, but we will ensure you are reimbursed for any inappropriate charges.)

Bummer! We Have More Than 10 Users

From now until the end of September, we’re inviting Issue Checklist for Jira Free customers to upgrade to Pro and receive a 50% discount:

  • For six months if you're on a monthly Jira subscription
  • For one annual transaction if you're on a yearly Jira subscription

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