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Amplifying the
Power of Jira

Great Jira instances aren’t born; they’re made. From automated time-tracking to smart checklists – Our apps add superpowers to your Jira instance.

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We are proud to support teams from all over the world.
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Coders Convene!

Join our team of heroes. We’re looking for talented software developers who enjoy remote work, in-house hackathons and profit sharing.

About Us

Why HeroCoders?

Award-winning builder of Atlassian Apps, our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the Atlassian ecosystem.

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Superior Service

Our support team might not be faster than a speeding bullet, but they’re faster than most service teams out there.  Providing prompt, accurate, courteous support is one of our superpowers. Just ask our customers.

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Stellar Software

More powerful than Jira alone – Our apps augment Jira by empowering you to break issues down into small steps, or roll Epics up into a single map. Effortlessly track time to know who’s doing what. Agile was never so easy.

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Simple Setup

Able to be used right out of the box – Our apps can be configured for all sorts of advanced functions, but that’s optional. You can start using the apps straight away and configure the advanced features as needed.

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Solid & Secure

With great power comes great responsibility. We know that you rely on our apps to be available, secure, and compliant. That’s why we put significant efforts into having all our apps Cloud Fortified, PLL safe, and GDPR compliant.


Articles, Updates
& Resources

Watch this space for app announcements, hacks we’re happy to share, and methods for making the most of Jira.