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About Us

With great power comes great responsibility...

Our team of heroes creates apps that help you manage, track and report your daily work – in Jira and beyond.

We believe in collaboration



Businesses like 7-Eleven. Del Monte Foods, ExpressVPN, and Viking Cruises rely on our products to streamline their day-to-day work.



Our apps can be used not only by development teams, but also by non-teams across an organization. After all, who doesn’t need a great checklist?



People who know trust our apps. Hundreds of Atlassian Solution Partners use our apps and recommend them to their clients.

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Once upon a time...

On opposite sides of the world, two great teams arrived at the same great idea – Jira needed a better checklist solution to handle agile processes like Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done.

In Quebec, Yves Riel founded Okapya Software Solutions and released Checklist for Jira, which quickly became the most installed checklist app in the Marketplace, with companies like Adobe, Airbus, Apple, and Amazon relying on it.

In Poland, Pawel Niewiadomski and Jacek Jaroczynski had both helped build Jira while working for Atlassian at Spartez Software. They took their experience and created HeroCoders, which released multiple apps including Issue Checklist for Jira and Clockwork Automated Time Tracking & Timesheets.

Then an idea struck. Rather than forcing customers to choose between two great checklist apps with different feature sets, why not make it easy for them to have both? The 2021 merger not only allowed us to consolidate and upgrade our checklist offering, but it also positioned us for growth as a company which:

Prioritizes innovation – we’re always on the lookout for the next app we can build;
Embraces remote work – we have team members in 8 countries/4 continents;
Values each individuals’ creativity – we run quarterly in-house hackathons and allot employees time to work on individual projects.

Spanning the globe...

Our headquarters are in Gdańsk, Poland, but we are proud to have evolved into a global community of users, partners & developers.

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HeroCoders sp. z o.o.
ul. Zosi 16
80-119 Gdańsk
NIP: 5833433174
KRS: 0000910925

Meet our growing crew of superheroes.