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To-do Checklist for MS Teams

Looking for an easy way to track what’s been done and what needs to be done in MS Teams? Introducing To-do Checklist.
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Sep 8, 2022
To-do Checklist for MS Teams

What do agile development, product marketing and good housekeeping have in common?  They are all collaborative and they’re all easier to track using checklists. That’s why we’re pleased to be introducing To-do Checklist for Team, which allows you to add multiple checklists to any channel in Microsoft Teams.

To-do Checklist is easy to use. Simply log in with your Microsoft Account and get the To-do Checklist for Team app. Now you can add a Checklist tab to any channel, and one or more checklists to any Checklist tab.

Use checklists in your channels to:

  • Make a To Do list so everyone knows what the current priorities are
  • Break big tasks down into bite size chunks
  • Collaborate on the scope and specs of upcoming projects
  • Handle Agile processes like Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria
  • Manage QA
  • See at a glance what’s been done and what remains to be done

Shared among multiple users, checklists become a communication device as well as a tracking device. Useful features keep your team on track and focused.

  • Drag and drop items to always keep priority tasks at the top of the list
  • Add dates to checklist items to never miss a deadline
  • Track who created checklist items and when
  • Use separators/headers to keep long lists organized
  • Know who completed a checklist items and when they completed it
  • View a checklist Progress Bar to revel in the headway your team is making
  • Keep your list neat and tidy by hiding completed items
  • Rename a checklist, or even the entire checklist tab, to meet your team’s needs
  • Toggle all checklist items in one click (useful for all you over-achievers!)

To-do Checklist is absolutely free and you don’t need an account with us to get started. And if you have any trouble, our support team is ready to help.

Jennifer Choban

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