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Migrating from My ToDo to Checklist for Jira

We've made it easy to migrate from My Todo to Checklist for Jira.
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Mar 21, 2023

We have just released version 6.2.5 which includes a migration path from My Todo, a checklist app which has been removed from the Marketplace as part of Atlassian’s commitment to standing with Ukraine. Removal from the Marketplace means that customers will not be able to renew their Data Center subscriptions for My Todo, nor will – makers of My Todo – be able to upload new versions of the app.

To support My Todo customers, we’ve created an easy migration path that allows you to easily convert to Checklist for Jira with your existing checklists intact. The importer allows you to replicate your My Todo checklist custom fields by creating new checklist fields or importing into an existing field:

Please see our documentation for detailed information, and feel free to contact our help center for further assistance with your migration.

Jennifer Choban

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