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Migrating Checklists to Jira Cloud is Easier than Ever with the JCMA

Ready to move to Cloud? It's easier than ever with the Jira Cloud Migrations Assistant.
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Jun 17, 2024

If the Cloud has been beckoning, we wanted to let you know that it’s now easier than ever to migrate with all of your checklists intact. That’s because Checklist for Jira | Enterprise now supports the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA).

What is the JCMA?

The JCMA is an app, create by Atlassian, to help organization migrate form Jira Server or Data Center to Jira Cloud.  The JCMA is free and available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The JCMA has built-in features to help you:

  • Assess your current and apps and decide which ones to migrate
  • Migrate projects, users and groups to Jira Cloud
  • View progress and manage your migration(s)

That being said, there are limits to what the JCMA can migrate. See the Atlassian JCMA documentation to learn more.

Regardless of what tool you use, migration is a complex process which requires planning, patience and attention to detail. You may want to enlist an Atlassian Solution Partner to help you through the process.  Whether you decide to go it alone, or work with a partner, know that our support team is there to help whenever needed.

How Do I Migrate Using the JCMA?

Preparing for the Migration

Because there are some differences in how things work in Cloud compared to on-prem, we recommend you read the following pages, as well as any documentation for other apps that you’re migrating:

Executing the Migration

The next step is to prepare your two instances. You’ll need to install the JCMA app from the Atlassian Marketplace in your on-prem instance.

in the destination (Cloud) instance, install Checklist for Jira | Enterprise, as well as any other apps you’re migrating to Cloud. Then follow the instructions for preparing and executing the migration.  

You’ll access the JCMA by navigating to System and selecting Migrate to cloud from the left nav bar.

The JCMA will guide you through:

  • Connecting to you destination Cloud site
  • Assessing, preparing and migrating your apps (including Checklist for Jira | Enterprise)
  • Migrating users and groups (Atlassian recommends migrating users and groups in advance so that they will be able to begin working immediately once their projects are migrated)
  • Migrating all of your data (projects, apps, etc,)

Post Migration

Since Checklists in Cloud function differently from on-prem, there are a few things you’ll need to configure post-migration.

Then enjoy working in your new Cloud environment!

Jennifer Choban

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