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JXL Integration: Checklists, Meet Spreadsheet

Discover how you can use Issue Checklist for Jira fields in JXL spreadsheets.
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Jun 9, 2022

Do you ever wish you could see checklist progress on multiple issues at a glance? Or know the average completion rate for all of your checklists? Or for all checklists of a given issue type? For that matter, do you ever wish you could get a complete, sortable, editable view of all your Jira issues?

Now you can. Issue Checklist and JXL for Jira are now fully compatible.

Why We Love JXL for Jira

Jira is powerful, flexible, customizable, but it’s not always that readable. You have to know where to find things on an issue and you can really only see one issue at a time. You can use JQL to view a set of issues and chosen fields, but you can’t edit the issues from the search view. You can create epics, stories and subtasks, but that doesn’t always give you the organizational structure you need. Enter JXL. It gives you the power of Jira with the usability of a spreadsheet.

Uses of JXL

  • Track issues across multiple projects and get the big picture by viewing all of your issues (or all of the issues in a filter) on one spreadsheet
  • Organize your issues the way you want, creating custom hierarchies
  • Edit issues as easily as you would copy and paste values in a spreadsheet – great for bringing visibility to bulk editing
  • Clean up your Jira instance pre or post migration
  • Sum up field values
  • Encourage Jira adoption for non-tech teams that love using spreadsheets

How Issue Checklist & JXL Integration Works

Checklist fields (Checklist Text, Checklist Completed, Checklist Progress, Checklist Percent Progress), from either Issue Checklist Free or Issue Checklist Pro, can be added as columns to your JXL spreadsheet. Then you can use them to:

  • Refine your backlog before preparing a sprint - group issues to be included in the sprint show the completion rate of a Definition of Ready list.
  • Sum up issues' checklists completion progress across groupings and hierarchy levels to get a quick view of the percent of issues that are passing all of the elements in your Acceptance Criteria or QA testing.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of how close an Epic is to completion by viewing the Checklist Progress bar on a group of issues.

Read more in the JXL documentation

About Fine Software and JXL for Jira

Fine Software was founded by Atlassian alumni and is backed by Atlassian Ventures. JXL is their flagship app, currently among the top three fastest growing paid apps on the Marketplace, and used by many of the biggest Atlassian customers. Learn more.

Both JXL and Issue Checklist can be found in the Atlassian Marketplace.  Together they can transform how your teams work in Jira.

Want More Integrations?

If you’re a Marketplace Partner interested in creating an integration with Issue Checklist for Jira, or any of our apps, please let us know! We’re happy to help.

Jennifer Choban

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