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Top 10 Reasons to Work for HeroCoders

Want to be part of our growing team of heroes? From an international retreat, to a great salary – here are the top ten reasons to work for HeroCoders.
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Nov 30, 2022

We’re small. We’re scrappy. But we’re mighty. And we’re growing. HeroCoders plans to hire a Product Manager, a Senior Software Developer and a Talent Managerin the upcoming months.It’s competitive out there and we know you have options. So here are the top ten reasons to work at HeroCoders.

10.Company Retreat

Just because we’re remote doesn’t mean we don’t know each other. Once the pandemic ebbed, we were quick to conduct our first, annual company retreat. We flew the team to Athens, Greece where we enjoyed a week of working, playing and touring together. Joining our team could literally take you places you’ve never been.

9. Professional Development

HeroCoders will support you in your professional development. You choose your path, and we’ll support you (including financial support) in getting there. We know that tech moves too fast for us to hire people who know everything. We’re most interested in hiring people who are ready, willing and able to learn whatever’s needed. We’ll even hire developers whose experience is outside of our tech stack if they have the right mindset.

8. Balanced Pace

Working smarter is better than working harder. We understand that employees have families, hobbies, pets – lives of their own. There may be occasions when extra hours are needed, but you’ll get comp time and you won’t hear us telling you to “get up earlier” to improve productivity. We’re in this for the long haul and we don’t want our talent to burn out.

7. Quarterly In-house Hackathons

Every quarter, we put a regular work aside and engage in a week-long hackathon. It’s a chance to break the routine, work with people on different teams and explore new ideas. Hackerman projects can be anything from creating a proof of concept for a new app (some of our apps have grown out of Hackerman projects) to dealing with a bit of technical debt that’s been nagging at you. At the end of the week, we share our accomplishments and celebrate.

6. Time to for Side Projects

Hackathons aren’t the only way we foster creativity and innovation. Software developers and engineers at HeroCoders can dedicate 20% of their time to side projects. That could be continuing work on a project you started during the Hackathon, developing a test script, or working on a pet feature that has yet to make it into the sprint. Investing in these activities means our team (you!) don’t get bored, and new products and features get developed.

5. 30 Days Paid, Annual Leave

Kids out of school this week? Need to take the dog to the vet? Ready to go on that trip you’ve been dreaming of? You can. You’ll get a whole month of paid leave to spend as you please. We do this because we want to attract the best and keep them around.

4. Financial Stability

With news of massive layoffs at tech companies, you may be wondering how our business is financed, and how our finances affect our business. Herocoders does not have investors. Rather, we are self-financed with all of our money coming from the sales of our products. Our profits are directed towards supporting planned, modest growth (for example, hiring a Product Manager); and towards ensuring long-term success by maintaining our talent (regular raises and profit sharing). If you’re looking for a company that believes in prudent decisions and steady growth, then HeroCoders might be for you.

3. Remote Work & Flexible Hours

Our current team has members in eight different countries across Europe, Africa and the Americas, all of whom work from home. As long as you have some overlap with your team, you can live where you want and work when you want.

2. Salary & Profit Sharing

Those are all great reasons to work with us, but we know there’s a reason you choose to work at all. We’re committed to paying a competitive salary so no one can lure you away with a sweeter deal (and yes, we do post the salary range in our job announcements).  Since our success is your success for our profit sharing program once you’ve been with us for 6 months.

And the #1 Reason to Work for HeroCoders – Startup Atmosphere

Even as we grow, we maintain a start-up atmosphere. We’re not bureaucratic, not hierarchical. Everyone is invited to weigh in on decisions. And because we’re small, we’re also hungry – keen to build on our strengths and expand our offerings. Want to be part of the team that will get us get there?

If any of this has caught your attention, then head over here to see our open positions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Choban

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