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'The reports are indispensable': Movidone simplifies invoicing with Clockwork Pro

Reports in Clockwork Pro ensure easy and accurate reporting of billable hours, plus Movidone can share with their clients a complete account of work.
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Mar 7, 2024

Movidone is a digital services company based in Strasbourg, France. Founded in 2010, they specialize in custom web and mobile development including banking security, web technologies, server infrastructure, and video broadcasts.

Like other tech companies, Movidone faces the challenges of ever-faster development cycles, creating software with minimal bugs, and keeping up with new technologies. They work in Jira and began using Clockwork Pro for time tracking in 2020.

In fact, Clockwork Pro was one of their motivations for moving to Jira in the first place (previously the team used Wrike).  Their development teams needed to track billable hours for invoicing.  Clockwork Pro proved so effective, they decided to use it to track all of the development team’s time, including internal projects and R&D, so that they could give their accounting team an overall breakdown of time spent.

One of their favorite Clockwork Pro features is the ability to filter by Jira labels. Project manager, Jordane Lutz, says this allows him to easily generate reports giving a global, cross-functional view of teams' activities.  

"For me, reports are indispensable. They allow me to quickly account for time spent on projects and give information to the accounting department for invoicing. It also allows me to give my clients a complete summary of what's been done."

Clockwork Pro reports not only accommodates easy and accurate reporting of billable hours, they also allow Movidone to share with their clients a complete account of the work completed.

Filter by labels

Along with useful reports, Movidone appreciates the great support they've received from the HeroCoders Customer Support team.  On one occasion, Jordane requested a new feature – filter by labels - and it was delivered a couple of months later.  

On a separate occasion when Jordane urgently needed help creating a cross-project time report, the Support team jumped on a video call to discuss the problem, and quickly diagnosed it as a duplicate label in Jira. They were then able to correct the problem and produce the report.  

"The Clockwork Pro plugin is much more powerful than Jira's basic time management. It's good value for money and works very well."

The simplicity of time tracking in Clockwork Pro coupled with the reliability of the data for invoicing is invaluable for the team at Movidone, and Jordane has no hesitation recommending Clockwork Pro to other teams working in Jira.

Jennifer Choban

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