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Mainstream Technologies improves compliance with Issue Checklist for Jira Pro

"I would recommend to anyone who uses Jira in the cloud to take a look at Issue Checklist Pro. It’s a very good tool."
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Feb 27, 2024

Mainstream Technologies is an IT services, security and software development company based in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Founded in 1996, they manage projects in Jira and started using Checklist for Jira Server in 2020. In late 2023, they migrated from Jira Server to Cloud. As with the services they provide, their tech stack is varied; cloud computing, desktop software, and web development.

In addition to the normal challenges faced by all software development companies – getting projects done on time and on budget – Mainstream Technologies has to comply with complex and ever-changing requirements for the highly-regulated industries their clients work in - healthcare, criminal justice, cybersecurity and more. This includes requirements around privacy and security, accessibility and UI standards.

Since moving to Cloud, Director of Strategy and Consulting at Mainstream Technologies, JD Robinson, has found Issue Checklist for Jira Pro to be invaluable in meeting this challenge. The ability to add a checklist validator that requires developers to assert that an item was completed before the issue can be transitioned to the next workflow status serves both as reminder and as an enforcement. Using the checklist has improved performance in compliance and allows Mainstream Technologies to guarantee all the acceptance criteria in a ticket have been met when they deliver to their clients.

Without this feature, Mainstream Technologies would have to rely on another mechanism, outside of Jira, to ensure compliance with acceptance criteria and regulatory frameworks.  

“The function of the Issue Checklist Pro that lets us gate the advancement of these tickets from stage to stage in the workflow, based on the developer’s assertions that these requirements had been met, was instrumental in keeping our cloud migration project on track."

Use of checklist validators has been so successful, that they have adopted it across all projects, even those that don’t have strict requirements, as a best practice for ensuring acceptance criteria are met and for following the prescribed software development life cycle.

Before migrating to Jira cloud, Mainstream Technologies was using Checklist for Jira Server.  Issue Checklist for Jira Pro meant that moving to cloud did not mean compromising on their processes. They also really valued the support they got from the HeroCoders Customer Support team throughout the migration process.

An earlier attempt at migrating to cloud had failed. It was early days and the migration tools had not yet matured. During their second attempt at migration they faced the opposite problem – the tools had matured, but now they were facing an end-of-license deadline. They needed their migration to be timely and successful.  

To ensure that checklist data migrated, they contacted the HeroCoders support team. HeroCoders understood both the importance of the checklist data and the urgency of completing the migration.

“The support and handholding we got from the support team at HeroCoders allowed us to meet that deadline and allowed us to keep our development teams on track in delivering for our clients.”

Pleased with how checklists function in their projects, and the top-notch service they received from the HeroCoders support team, Mainstream Technologies recommends that anyone using Jira consider Issue Checklist for Jira Pro.

Jennifer Choban

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