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Introducing Checklist for Jira Enterprise

Checklist for Jira Enterprise is here. Reduce risk and enhance governance while still giving your teams the flexibility to do their best work.
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Mar 4, 2024

Hot off the press - Checklist for Jira Enterprise is here!

We know that if you’re an enterprise business you need to reduce risk and enhance governance while still giving your teams the flexibility to do their best work. We know you need solutions that work at scale, and intuitive UIs that let users get started quickly.  And we know that you need to be assured your data is secure.

This app has been specifically developed to do just that. And more!

Whether you’re currently using Checklist for Jira Cloud, Issue Checklist for Jira Pro or you’re looking for a checklist app to use in Jira (you’ll love having fewer subtasks) – Checklist for Jira Enterprise has the functionality you need.

If you currently use Checklist for Jira Cloud

If you use Checklist for Jira Cloud, then you’ll need to manually update the app (instructions here) to unlock lots of new features:

Checklist Templates

Users and teams can quickly create their own reusable checklist templates, allowing them to work faster and improve standardization. You can save any checklist on an issue as a template.

Set a checklist as a default template to be automatically added on issue creation, or use automation, a post function or bulk actions to add templates to issues.

checklist templates
Checklist Templates

Enhanced Formatting

Improve clarity and communication with advanced formatting options like multi-line item descriptions, date pickers, user mentions that can send emails, markdown formatting, and separators.

Checklists on the Jira Service Management Portal

Make progress visible on Jira Service Desk requests by showing customers checklist progress, or a read-only copy of the checklist.

Agents can toggle visibility for both the progress bar and the read-only copy of the checklist, making this an effortless way to show customers on those thorny tickets that their progress is being made.

These are just a few of the new features you’ll enjoy when using the Checklist for Jira Enterprise app. You can check out a comprehensive feature comparison for all the details.

If you currently use Issue Checklist for Jira Pro

You already know how useful checklists can be. In the Enterprise version, we’re adding features to specifically address problems faced by enterprise organizations; security, compliance and scale. We’ve started  with an exciting new feature, Global Checklists. These checklists are:

  • Admin controlled – Users can toggle the completion status of items, but only Jira Administrators can create, edit, or delete items in Global checklists.
  • Global – Global checklists are applied to Jira issues via a context (projects and issue types) defined by a Jira Administrator.  The only way a Global Checklist can be removed from an issue is for the Administrator to change the context.
  • Live – When an administrator makes a change to a Global Checklists, such as adding a new item to the list, that change will be reflected on existing open issues (issues that are in a DONE status category such as DONE, RESOLVED, CANCELED, etc.), as well as to any new issues that meet that the checklist context.
  • Compatible with Local Checklists – Global Checklists and local checklists (specific to the issue) can be used together. They will be shown as two separate checklists on the issue, allowing both Administrators and end users to deploy checklists to better manage their work.

Global Checklists

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

We know that governance can be challenging for Enterprise organizations. Users may push back against procedures they see as bureaucratic, forget to follow them or be ignorant of required steps. Global Checklists help you reduce the risk of legal actions, outages and product failures. Here’s how:

  • Standardization – Since Global Checklists are automatically applied to Jira issues via a context defined by the administrator, they can be used to ensure that all teams are held to the same standard.  There’s no room for individual users or teams to wiggle out of a company-wide standard. This makes them a great tool for QA.  And since Global Checklists are live any changes are immediately applied to all relevant issues.
  • Compliance – You can integrate Global Checklists with workflow validators to bake compliance into your processes, ensuring that nothing required is omitted or forgotten. Simply include the required items in a Global Checklists and add the All checklist items are completed validator to the appropriate transition.
  • Accountability – Global Checklists also make it easy to ensure accountability; the administrator is accountable for including the required items in the list. You can then use the Checklist History to easily see who toggled the list items on an issue.  Everything is transparent.

    You can start enjoying Global Checklists today by installing Checklist for Jira Enterprise. Upgrading is easy (follow the instructions here) and rest assured that all of your current checklist data will be preserved.

Looking for a checklist app to use in Jira

Checklists on Jira issues allow you to organize work, manage agile processes, and reduce the need for subtasks. Check out the full list of features, or see our blog for examples of what you can do with checklists in Jira.

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