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Increasing Prices (Server/DC) to Ensure Ongoing Improvements

Price changes and Advantage Pricing Plan for Checklist for Jira Server & Data Center
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Oct 3, 2022

Checklist for Jira will be increasing its prices for Server and Data Center as of October 7, 2022. View the new prices here.

In the past few years, we have made significant investments in improving the app, including developing new features such as dashboard gadgets, the ability to use checklists on the JSM customer portal, checklist item functions such as user mentions, due dates and priorities, and recently a native integration with Automation for Jira. We have overhauled our documentation to make the app easier to use; expanded our support; and taken all the steps necessary to ensure the app is stable, secure and continues to perform. Our efforts have been rewarded by the trust of many Global and Fortune 500 companies with Jira instances of more than 50 000 users.

The checklist space in the Atlassian Marketplace is competitive and we realize you have other options. We believe that our commitment to continuous improvement makes Checklist for Jira not only the best checklist app, but one of the top tier apps available in the Marketplace as a whole. This increase will allow us to continue providing a steady stream of new features, ensuring you access to the most functional checklists available in Jira (see comparison to other apps).

In order to help our customers cope with the increase, we have designed an Advantage Pricing Plan that gradually increases the price over the next 3 years. The details of this plan have been shared with your solution partner. If you don’t have a partner, please reach out directly to us via our support portal.

If you have existing licenses, you have 60 days from 7 October 2022 to renew at your current prices. To renew, please contact your preferred partner or visit the Atlassian Marketplace.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our support portal.

Jacek Jaroczyński

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