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HeroCoders at Team 24

Get the highlights from Atlassian Team 24.
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May 17, 2024

Earlier this month, Atlassian held its annual conference, Team 24, in Las Vegas. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights.

Two Big Themes

There were, of course, lots of product announcements.  They tended to center around two themes; integration and AI.

On the integration side, Atlassian has combined Jira Software and Jira Work Management into (just) Jira. Now the nifty features like calendar and list view that were previously only available in Work Management projects have been added to software projects; and components are now available in Business projects.

They’ve also added a link for soon-to-be-released Goals, designed to  help users across multiple teams see how their work contributes to the greater efforts of the organization.

Jira Service Desk was not left out of the party.  The incident response functionality that Atlassian acquired with OpsGenie will now be integrated into JSM and Compass.

The other big theme was, of course, AI - or Atlassian Intelligence as they like to say.  AI is being integrated into Confluence and Loom to better support asynchronous work.  It’s being integrated into Jira Service Management to sort, summarize and triage tickets. And it has the starring role in a thrilling new product announce at Team:

Waiting for Rovo

The most exciting product announcement is a new AI tool – Atlassian Rovo.  Along with the ability to search for information across multiple tools (including non-Atlassian tools), Rovo can learn from information across your organization and provide summaries, answers and insights via knowledge cards or chat. Search results are contextualized and Rovo will only present information that the user has permission to see.  

Best of all, Rovo ships with a collection of virtual agents that can carry out essential tasks like content creation, knowledge management and maintenance. Rovo is in Beta now and you can get on a waitlist. We did. We’re pretty excited about this one.

Other Notable Announcements

Atlassian also announced a new Cloud Security product: Guard. Atlassian Guard is a reboot of Access, with increased threat detection and response capabilities. It’s available for both standard and premium plans.

If you’re new to the Atlassian ecosystem and all of these different products have your head spinning, the other good news is that Atlassian University is now free! 🎉

A First for HeroCoders

This was the first time HeroCoders attended Atlassian Team.  Head of Marketing, Claire Sweeney, and Senior Product Manager, Kasia Karska, to Team, descended on Vegas for a packed week, meeting with customers, solution partners, Atlassians, and fellow vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace.  Check out our Team 24 posts on LinkedIn for more on what they got up to and the people they met. They returned  home both excited and exhausted. Their verdict?  A fantastic event that shouldn’t be missed, and an opportunity to meet people in the ecosystem face to face that’s invaluable.

The End of an Era

In some ways Team 24 marks the end of an era.  Atlassian Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Scott Farquhar has announced that he will be stepping down at the end of August.

It may also be the end of the Vegas era for Atlassian Team, at least for now. Next year’s Team will be in Anaheim.  For those who remember seeing Mike and Scott on stage in Elvis costumes singing “Jira Las Vegas”  at an earlier Summit, one can only imagine what this will mean. Will Mickey and Donald join the Atlassian Team?

Jennifer Choban

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