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Comparing Time Tracking Apps in Jira – Part 2 Free Options

See a comparison of the top three Free time tracking apps available in Jira.
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Jan 19, 2023
Comparing Time Tracking Apps in Jira – Part 2 Free Options

In a previous article, we discussed the limitations of Jira’s built-in time tracking, and compared the top paid time tracking apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. If your team doesn’t have a budget for time tracking, the Marketplace also offers several free time tracking apps . This article compares three of those options, each of which has over 1000 installs.


HeroCoders offers Clockwork for Jira Free, a limited version of Clockwork for Jira Pro. The Clockwork apps were developed specifically for Jira and do not require any external accounts. Clockwork allows you to use timers (manual or automatic) to capture worklogs, or to create worklogs manually. Timesheets in Clockwork can be broken down by a number of Jira fields.


Clockify is a free, web-based, time tracking application that can be integrated with Jira. You can start/stop timers or manually create worklogs from within Jira. Then you can view the corresponding timesheets and reports in Clockwork. A separate (free) Clockwork account is required.

Harvest Time Tracking

Harvest offers time and cost tracking software and an app that integrates with Jira. You can start/stop timers from on Jira issues, submit timesheets for approval, and few logged time as a chart or graph. A separate Harvest account is required.

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Of the three options, Clockwork Free is the only one that is fully integrated in Jira. No external accounts are needed and you can log time, as well as view your timesheets, without ever leaving Jira. The other advantage is that, if your time tracking needs change as your team grows, you can easily migrate to Clockwork Pro.

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