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Clockwork Pro: The FREE Jira Time Tracking App for Small Teams

Clockwork for Jira Pro is now completely free for the 0-10 user tier. Get all the features you need to manage your team's time accurately and easily.
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Jan 16, 2024

Every team, no matter how small, needs good time tracking. In fact, time tracking may be even more important for small teams because seeing where your time is going, making better estimates, and planning within your capacity is how your business grows from small to big.

We know. We were a tiny team once too. That’s why we’ve made Clockwork for Jira Pro completely free for the 0-10 user tier.  

What Can I Do with Clockwork for Jira Pro?

If you’ve already been using Clockwork Free, you know how useful it is to have multiple ways to track time, and easily configurable timesheets. In addition to unlimited manual and automatic timers, Clockwork Pro lets you:

That’s just the beginning. See the full list of features on our comparison page.

New to Clockwork for Jira?

Simply click on the link below to get Clockwork from the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira time tracking.

How Can I Get Clockwork Pro for Free?

If you’re a Clockwork Pro customer, you don’t have to do anything - the new price ($0) will be automatically applied to your next billing cycle.

If you’re currently using Clockwork for Jira Free, simply install Clockwork Pro. Then navigate to Jira settings > Apps > Manage apps.  Find Clockwork Free on the list and select Uninstall. Your existing time tracking data and worklogs will be available in the Pro version.

Effortless time tracking. Great data. The best things in life really are free.

Jennifer Choban

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