Epics Map for Jira

Epics Map for Jira

Track Epic progress and complexity. Clone Epic with all its stories and sub-tasks

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Track Epics' progress

Overview all epics from one place and watch their progress. Use filters to narrow the tree. Click the Epic to get a list of its Stories.

Assess the risk

View epics as a treemap to get a big picture. Large grey and light-blue blocks are the risks. Click the Epic to drill down and see its stories

Clone Epic

Clone epic with all its stories, sub-tasks and checklists to reuse the template quickly. (Jira cannot deep-clone epics natively)

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Epics Map gives an overview of the Epics' current progress and complexity. It shows a nice progress bar visualizing the number of finished stories and a total number of stories in the Epic. Visualization modes include graph view and treemap view.

Epics Map allows cloning an Epic along with its stories, sub-tasks, and checklists (Jira cannot deep-clone epics and stories natively). However, clone epic functionality is deprecated and we recommend using Clone Epic for Jira app.

This plugin works with Next-Gen projects too. It will not work though if your Jira uses language other than English.

Next on the roadmap:

  • show Epics Map globally (across projects)
  • show the progress and complexity of a Project
  • show an estimated finish/end time of an Epic and a Project

Let us know your ideas and requests through service desk or send an email to ems@herocoders.atlassian.net

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pro & Free ?

We explain the difference on the following documentation page: Free vs Paid subscription.

How can I buy Issue Checklist Pro?

Atlassian is responsible for handling subscriptions and payments (vendors only set per-user price). It should be enough to just start the trial.

Where can I find Privacy Policy, Security Statement and Terms of Use documents?

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Can the Issue Checklist slow down my Jira?


Issue Checklist
and all other add-ons for Jira Cloud (as opposed to Jira Server plugins) are loaded in separate iframes inside the Jira page. This approach ensures security (iframe code cannot access the main page) but also lets the browser load the content of the add-on asynchronously without blocking the main page.

Are there any limits on the paid version?

There are no limits at all. You can add as many items and templates and as often as you want

How much (and for how many users) will I pay for Issue Checklist Pro?

Atlassian is responsible for counting a number of users. It usually equals the number of users registered in your Jira (excluding Service Desk customers).

Frequently Asked Questions

When are automatic timers started / stopped?

Automatic timers are started and stopped according to the current workflow your project uses. To learn more read When do automatic timers start / stop?

Is it compatible with Tempo?

Yes, Clockwork works with Tempo as well, but our plan for the future is to offer similar features that you won't be needing Tempo.

How sub-tasks are handled?

When working on a sub-task time spent is reported only on the sub-task. Parent issue is not updated so you should not keep the sub-task and the parent issue in progress at the same time.

How does it calculate time worked?

If you want to know more about the way we calculate time please check out How time spent is calculated (with working hours)?

When time is logged into Jira?

Time spent on the issue is logged only once the timer is stopped. It means that currently Clockwork will log all time spent at the last day. It will not spread the time through days the timer was running.