Clockwork Automated Timesheets Free

Clockwork Automated Timesheets Free

Easiest and precise time tracking. Never log work manually again. Overview your team or company worklogs with powerful reports

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No brainer time tracking

Automatically track time when the issue is transitioned between statues or assignees. Once moved to In Progress it will start counting the time. Moving the issue to Done or To Do status category will stop the timer.

Issue progress

A visual overview of time spent vs estimated gives you an easy way to tell how far is the end. Plus you can see how much time each contributor worked on the issue. It works with Next-Gen projects too!


Every project gets its own report so you can see how much time spent was reported in total or by each member of the team separately. You can also group the data in various ways and export to Excel.

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Clockwork Automated Timesheets offers automatic time tracking mode integrated with Jira workflow transitions. Time spent is calculated for every issue moved to and out of the "In progress" category.

Tracked time is stored in Jira work log so you can still log work manually and use Jira reporting tools.

It is a free version of Clockwork Pro. It comes with some limitations.

Key features:
  • automatically starts/stops a timer during issue transition
  • a user can manually start/stop a timer as well
  • you can decide to use automatic or manual timers (or both)
  • supports multiple timers per issue for every contributor
  • holiday calendar support - will not track time for holidays, etc.
  • timesheet report
  • export to Excel
  • your own automated reports via Clockwork API
  • see what's missing in Free version compared to Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pro & Free ?

We explain the difference on the following documentation page: Free vs Paid subscription.

How can I buy Issue Checklist Pro?

Atlassian is responsible for handling subscriptions and payments (vendors only set per-user price). It should be enough to just start the trial.

Where can I find Privacy Policy, Security Statement and Terms of Use documents?

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Can the Issue Checklist slow down my Jira?


Issue Checklist
and all other add-ons for Jira Cloud (as opposed to Jira Server plugins) are loaded in separate iframes inside the Jira page. This approach ensures security (iframe code cannot access the main page) but also lets the browser load the content of the add-on asynchronously without blocking the main page.

Are there any limits on the paid version?

There are no limits at all. You can add as many items and templates and as often as you want

How much (and for how many users) will I pay for Issue Checklist Pro?

Atlassian is responsible for counting a number of users. It usually equals the number of users registered in your Jira (excluding Service Desk customers).

Frequently Asked Questions

When are automatic timers started / stopped?

Automatic timers are started and stopped according to the current workflow your project uses. To learn more read When do automatic timers start / stop?

Is it compatible with Tempo?

Yes, Clockwork works with Tempo as well, but our plan for the future is to offer similar features that you won't be needing Tempo.

How sub-tasks are handled?

When working on a sub-task time spent is reported only on the sub-task. Parent issue is not updated so you should not keep the sub-task and the parent issue in progress at the same time.

How does it calculate time worked?

If you want to know more about the way we calculate time please check out How time spent is calculated (with working hours)?

When time is logged into Jira?

Time spent on the issue is logged only once the timer is stopped. It means that currently Clockwork will log all time spent at the last day. It will not spread the time through days the timer was running.